Memorial Benches of Deal & Walmer

Thanks to a brilliant and thoughtful project conceived by Chris Mansfield to photograph and record all Deal and Walmer’s Memorial benches, families and friends of those commemorated can now enjoy and share these pictures as well as their location.

You can see photos of the benches and their dedications on Chris Mansfield’s website along with his other pictures of Deal and Walmer.

The map below marks all the memorial benches and plaques to be found along the prom from Sandown Castle to beyond Walmer Castle and a few dotted around town.

Click on an icon and you will see brief information and a What3Words (W3W) location address to help you find a bench.

To use a W3W address, you can either visit or download the W3W app and enter the three word phrase. Helpfully you don’t need to insert the stops. You can just leave a space between the words.

If you haven’t come across What3Words before then read on.

Launched in 2013 it divides the world into a grid of 57 trillion 3-by-3-metre squares, each of which has a three-word address. The words assigned are random, never changed and separated with a full stop. The addresses are available in forty-seven languages.

The grid allows greater accuracy when trying to locate landmarks that normal addresses or postcodes don’t always manage. While an address may take you to a particular street, you are often left wondering where precisely No 323 is! As a result it is ideal for delivery drivers and in this case memorial plaques and benches.

Looking for a particular memorial? Open a larger version of the map and you will be able to search for a particular bench or plaque.

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