Martha Trust Rome or Bust Car Challenge

Rome or Bust Car Challenge 2016

This post is from 2016, Pat and Jill went on to do the challenge again in 2017 to Monte Carlo. In 2017 Jill did the challenge for a third time to Barcelona with Fay Franklin as her co-driver! Bessie has raised around £20k for Martha Trust. And is maintained by Vauxhall Car Dealers, Perrys in Dover to whom a huge debt of thanks are given. 

Two 60-something grans from Deal, Pat Wilson (who runs this site) and Jill Burford are taking part in the Martha Trust’s annual car challenge and are needing to raise a minimum of £1500.

This year’s challenge is to drive from Deal to Rome in 3 days. No challenge there you say? Challenge rules are that the car must be roadworthy with an MOT but must cost no more than £200. Clearly it won’t be a race!

As if that isn’t challenge enough, Jill and Pat have never changed a tyre and reportedly need a manual to open the bonnet…cue M&D Motors in Water Street who have bravely agreed to give us a few swift lessons.

Please sponsor us in our challenge. Especially if your business is listed on this site for free. There are hundreds of hits a day searching for business address and contact details.

We have set up a JustGiving page – Grans on the Run. (this page is now closed)

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