SOS Goodwin Sands documentary on BBC Inside Out

The Port of Dover says millions of pounds of investment and hundreds of jobs will be at risk if it can’t dredge the material it wants from the Goodwin Sands.

This excellent documentary explains why the dredging shouldn’t be allowed.

Save the Goodwin Sands film

Watch Nick Mount’s film on the campaign to save the Goodwin Sands from dredging by Dover Harbour Board. The film concentrates on the losses of airmen during WWII.

SOS Goodwin Sands: Action required!

The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) has received further information relating to the proposed dredging of the Goodwin Sands,provided in response to points raised in the initial consultation. A 42 day public consultation on the further information is due to start 6 October 2016 and end on 16 November 2016. Make your views known!!

SOS: Save our Sands

Residents of Deal and other interested parties are urged to come to a meeting at the Bohemian on 28th April at 7pm to form an action group preventing Dover Harbour Board from dredging the Goodwin Sands. A treasure-house of antiquity and history, this important site must be protected at all costs.