Trains4Deal organise protest meeting

Posted on Jan 7, 2016

Trains4deal says,”Let’s use the “Minster Loop” for an alternative direct High Speed service.”

Come and help us campaign to get Southeastern Trains to improve its completely inadequate response to the landslide. We want direct fast trains – no changes, no buses.

From now on each week day Margate will have EIGHT morning peak departures for St Pancras; Deal and Sandwich will have NONE.

The emergency train/bus/train service is unreliable, inefficient and slow. Much better rail solutions are available.
The disruption will continue for many months threatening the livelihoods of both commuters and businesses in the towns.    Come and find out how we can get improvements.

  1. Additional peak-time HS1 services to St Pancras via Minster and Canterbury West.
    ​ Additional fast trains were provided on this route in 2008 when the line was closed and they must be brought back now. Journey times will be near 90 minutes from Deal.
  2. The reintroduction of the direct HS1 service from Dover and Deal to St Pancras via Ramsgate and Herne Bay.

    This is already in the timetable and the DfT is paying for its provision but it has been unilaterally withdrawn by Southeastern.

Read more on the Trains4Deal website.