The Deal Society

               The Deal Society, Deal, Kent

If you have chosen to live in Deal, you will appreciate the charm of this largely 17th and 18th century town. Historically the Deal Society came into being to protect and conserve that charm when it was under threat.

The Deal Society continues to campaign to conserve the character of the town, including specific buildings which may be under threat. For example in recent years they have campaigned to reopen the Astor Theatre and the Regent Cinema.

High Street development

Consultation has just ended on a Government proposal ‘Supporting housing delivery and public service infrastructure’ which proposes a number of changes.

Civic Voice has submitted a consultation response urging the Government to think harder about the plans it has to allow developers to change buildings on our high streets without requiring full planning permission, saying:
“Civic Voice strongly objects to the proposal in principle because of the harm that it could do to our high streets, town and city centres; the creation of poor-quality homes; and the loss of historic character of our conservation areas. We accept that our high streets, town and city centres are currently facing acute challenges and they will need to adjust and, in some cases, contract in response to changes in shopping and leisure habits. However, Civic Voice believes this needs to be done in a planned and curated way by local communities through their local planning policies, not by allowing the market to decide in a random and potentially counterproductive manner”.

We support that view and will keep you updated on the Government proposals. Details of the proposals are here and the full Civic Voice response here.