Poetry conservation

Posted on Aug 5, 2014

41 World War I poets have been commemorated in windows in and around the conservation area as part of Deal’s WW1 commemorations. Below are a list of poems and their locations each accompanied by a short biography of the poet and the circumstances in which they were written. Of particular interest are the five Rupert Brooke sonnets which appear in Alfred Square. Brooke wrote five sonnets as part of a work entitled 1914, the most famous of which is No 5, ‘The Soldier’.

The Roll of Honour for Deal shows that numbers, 2,3,4,5,6 and 8 in Alfred Square all lost family members in the war so it was appropriate that they were displayed here. In No 8 there is a poem by the anti-war poet May Herschel-Clarke entitled ‘The Mother’, which was written in response to ‘The Soldier’.

Now that you too Eleanor Farjeon Globe House, Beach St
The Trenches Edward Manning Quill Antiques, Alfred Sq
1914 I Peace Rupert Brooke Saracen’s Head, Alfred Sq
1914 II Safety Rupert Brooke 3 Alfred Sq
1914 III The dead Rupert Brooke 4 Alfred Sq
1914 IV The Dead Rupert Brooke 5 Alfred Sq
1914 V The Soldier Rupert Brooke 6 Alfred Sq
The Mother May Herschel-Clarke 8 Alfred Sq
My Son Ada Tyrell 11 Dolphin St
For the Fallen Robert Laurence Binyon 13 Dolphin St
To John Gerald William Grenfell 4a Coppin St
We Shall Keep the Faith Moina Michael 13 Coppin St
When you see millions of the mouthless dead Charles Sorley 70c Middle St
Guns at Sea Imtarfa 76 Middle St
In Memorian Ewart Alan Mackintosh 115 Middle St
A Soldier’s Cemetary Ewart Alan Mackintosh 120 Middle St
Birds in the Trenches Willoughby Weaving 139 Middle St
The Secret Woodbine Willy 153 Middle St
Fragment Rupert Brooke 171 Middle St
To My Brother Vera Britain 1 Golden St
Before Action Lt Noel William Hodgson 7 Golden St
If we return FW Harvey 4 Silver St
Channel Firing Thomas Hardy 8a New St
Farewell Robert Nichols 13 Farrier St
Convalescence Amy Lowell 1 Brewer St
Oh it’s a lovely war Unknown 1 Brewer St
Rain Edward Thomas 3 Brewer St
The Call Jessie Pope Bosuns Cottage, 15 Oak St
The Kaiser and Belgium Stephen Phillips 3 Griffin St
The Hush Stephen Phillips Dutch Corner, Griffin St
The Knitting Song Jessie Pope 18 Griffin St
Release Noel William Hodgson 170 High St
Never Mind Unknown 198 High St
The Great War Hilary Clare Ivy Place
To CAL CAA 1 Water St
The Spirit Woodbine Willy 17 Water St
Absolution Siegfried Sassoon 13 Robert St
The Silent One Ivor Gurney 3 Nelson St
The Stretcher Bearer Tommy Crawford 30 Duke St
Bombardment Richard Aldington 128 West St
Dawn Richard Aldington 29 Union Rd

You can download the list of poems: WW1 poems in the conservation area of Deal, Kent.