Pick Deal Clean

Pick Deal Clean, Facebook Group, Deal, Kent

Pick Deal Clean are true superheroes! This enthusiastic group are clearing the town of the litter and detritus left by residents and visitors who have trouble finding a bin or taking it home.

Started by Helen Charlton and ably assisted by Linda Ford and Stephen Wakeford, their Facebook page contains lots of litter-related info relevant to Deal, plus lots of litter-related ideas, advice and support.

Their aim is to encourage public participation in the clearing of litter from all parts of town, raise awareness and get people to develop perception & CARE for their environment.

Superheroes Linda Ford and Stephen Wakeford may already be known to you. Linda is the driving force behind the Sandown Community Garden and Stephen is a founder member of Deal With It.

If you want to get involved visit the Pick Deal Clean Facebook page and log your litter pick here.

Dog Poo Bag Dispensing Stations

As part of ongoing work to keep the district clean and safe, Dover District Council in partnership with a leading dispensing station company has installed dog waste bag dispensers in 25 locations across the district.

The scheme is funded by sponsorship from local businesses and organisations, and the dispensers feature a display board, which allows companies to support the project by displaying their logo.

Map of Dog Poo Bag Dispensers in Deal

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This book reveals the impact we have on our planet and environment and how recycling creates new products such as clothes and stationery.

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