Petitions for and against Deal High Street pedestrianisation

Posted on Sep 15, 2015

Two petitions are currently in place for and against proposals to pedestrianise Deal High Street.


Mick Phillips is seeking support for his petition to pedestrianise Deal High Street on Saturdays from Park Street to Duke Street. He is proposing that the market be resited in the High Street and so free up 72 parking spaces.

Deal Town council were asked to look at the request to improve the vibrancy of the high street on a Saturday and make it a pedestrian area at council meeting on 5th August.

If you would like to sign FOR the proposals please visit:


Don’t agree? There is now also a petition against Deal High Street pedestrianisation by those who believe it would be detrimental to the economy of our town by affecting the viability of local businesses and the Saturday Market.

The petition suggests that in addition to this, such a proposal would cause greater traffic and parking chaos in Deal on a Saturday morning and calls for Deal Town Council and Dover District Council to reject them.

If you would like to sign AGAINST them please visit: