Heaven and Paradise found in Deal

Posted on Oct 30, 2014

Note: The oneword feature has now been removed. Boo!

Those of us who live here knew this already of course, but thanks to an ingenious and innovative new mapping and navigation website, I can reveal that both *paradise and *heaven really are in Deal!

what3words is a service which pinpoints any location on the globe (to the nearest 2 metres) with a unique 3 word combination – far more accurate than you can achieve with a postal address (if indeed the location you are trying to pinpoint even has a postal address), and definitely easier than remembering a set of GPS co-ordinates.

They also offer a service called OneWord which allows you to create a customised, shorter, and even easier reference, prefixed with an asterisk, for any location of your choice, accurate to the nearest metre, hence *paradise and *heaven.

For example slower.sample.text will take you appropriately to the car park near Deal Library and issue.elite.occupy will take you to the Landmark Centre. It’s quite fun to move around the map to find locations with an apt choice of words.

A browser is all you need to read directions on the website but there are also Android and iOS apps which allow you to open directions in Google and Apple maps.

I can see this being fantastically useful at festivals such as Glastonbury for finding your tent!