Downton Deal! What the butler saw…

Deal Pier at sunrise copyright Pat Wilson

Downton Abbey Jeremy SwiftDeal gets a great write-up in the Daily Telegraph from Downton Abbey’s butler, aka Jeremy Swift who only discovered it in the last few years through some friends who were working here on a film shoot.

“The people are friendly, it’s easy on the eye – and it’s a place where I go to write music and, more recently a play, without the many everyday distractions of home life.”

Plenty of local establishments get a name check, Dunkerley’s, the Royal Hotel, Frog and Scot, Bloody Mary’s, Le Pinardier and Jasin’s Pier Restaurant, which he cites as the best place for lunch praising “its offering of all-day breakfasts and mixes of British and Mediterranean fare; liver and bacon and, alternatively, Turkish salads, which are delicious” and the “light and airy room which gives not only a fab vista of the sea but also of Deal’s frontage.”

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or if you’ve still to sample Deal’s delights then we are only just over an hour from London St Pancras on the high-speed train…