Tribal Nations Tattoo Studio

Tribal Nations Tattoo Studio, Deal, Kent
6 Victoria Road, Deal, CT14 7AP
01304 389844

We are now able to cater for all walk ins with very little waiting time, if any. One of our four artists will be able to assist you in whatever it is you require, be it your own design, or one of ours.

We do provide a drawing up and custom art service but deposits are required as this takes time and we do not charge for it, the deposit will come off the actual price of the tattoo. The art work will remain the property of the studio until the work is finished and then becomes yours so it truly is a one off custom piece to your specification.

Piercings are undertaken, but these are on the proviso that a member of our staff has time to do so. You may be asked to return to the studio at a time that suits us and this is almost certainly the case on a Saturday, when piercings are not done before 4pm.

Please call on the following numbers to (studio 01304 389844) (mobile 07852 470709) get in touch with this busy tattoo studio which now has four resident artists.

A fifty percent deposit is required for all bookings and this can be done over the phone as we now take plastic.

Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE! This is how we pay our bills and raise our families.

Thank you for understanding this simple rule, we will do our very best for you and respect you and your wishes, this we believe is a two way street.:-)