Dont Walk Walk Gallery

Don't Walk Walk Gallery, Deal, Kent
10 Victoria Rd, Deal CT14 7AP
07500 602903


DONT WALK WALK are an independent artist run gallery in Deal, Kent boasting a 'punk rock' ethic and a strong desire to offer something a little different. DWW is a working space with a screen printing facility and 'micro' studio in which I paint.  The gallery showcases 20+ artists being emerging and established talents in painting, printmaking, illustration, photography & sculpture.  DWW programmes rotating exhibitions every month and runs film screenings and utilises the gallery for location filming and community projects.

In my last 20 years of working and studying in the creative sector I have been fortunate to meet and work with a range of talented individuals and industry professionals.  The decision to open a gallery in Deal Kent hinged on it now becoming a destination town with increasing venues championing the visual arts, poetry and music. I believe the artists I have thoughtfully selected for the gallery offer refreshing, challenging and thought provoking perspectives ranging from abstract fantasy to linear & stark representational honesty.

So why ‘DONT WALK WALK’ ? Well it will be a test of the visitors and locals to see if they will ‘walk’ to the gallery, which is located at the ‘wrong’ end of town. This for me is part of its appeal I always envisioned a small back street space much like the ones I visited in Lower East Side in New York, bit rough around the edges and not taking themselves to seriously.

Neil (NED) Kelly

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