Deal commemorates the start of WW1 in poetry and wool


Take a walk on the wool side!

Two members of the Deal Station Garden group have curated a collection of 20 WW1 poems on the platforms of Deal Station.

This is wide collection of the famous and not-so famous, some written locally. The poems have now been decorated with strings of knitted and crocheted poppies.

Elsewhere in town, a further collection of 41 WW1 poems have been distributed to various houses and are displayed in windows throughout the conservation area. Each is accompanied with a short biography of the poet. Rupert Brooke’s 5 sonnets entitled 1914 and which includes his best known ‘The Soldier’ can be seen in Alfred Square from the Saracen’s Head to No 8 where there is a Poem entitled ‘The Mother’ which was written by May Herschel-Clarke, a poet known chiefly for her anti-war poems in response to ‘The Soldier’ .

In the Norman Wisdom Centre window there is a beautiful wreath made from crocheted and knitted poppies created by the Knitting and Crochet Group at the Deal Centre for the Retired in Park Street. The ladies of the group who meet on Thursday mornings made over 200 poppies in less than a month.

A front garden in Godwyn Road has also been transformed with dozens of crocheted poppies attached to shrubs and garden chairs by another member of the group and Griffin Street has a window with a ‘field’ of 100 crocheted poppies.

If you would like to make your own knitted or crocheted poppies then download this pdf file which contains 2 knitted and 3 crocheted poppy patterns. There is also a Women’s Weekly knitted and crocheted poppy pattern available.